Ben Tracy, President & Co-Founder of Renegade Media Strategies, speaks to schools, businesses, and organizations around the country about the importance of using social media for good in the world.

Ben knows firsthand the repercussions of posting stupid things on social media. He was fired from a job as a personal assistant to the Governor of Illinois when derogatory comments were found on his Twitter account that were made when he was a teenager.

After this experience, Ben made it his mission to make sure others don’t make the same mistakes he did. On paper, Ben had done everything right – graduated magna cum laude while double majoring, collegiate athlete, member of the Student Senate, and won many awards for academic and extracurricular excellence. Yet, a few ignorant comments on social media cost him a great job and caused embarrassment for Ben and his family.

70% of employers and 35% of college admissions officers now use social media sites to research the social media profiles of applicants. With the continued growth of social media, it’s important for people to understand the ramifications of the things they post – both positive and negative.

Ben hopes telling his story and sharing practical advice for using social media will motivate people to use social media productively and think twice before they post.

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